'Koe'..the voice

dedicated to ..the African child..

If you're still alive, under the sea,
I'll cut off both my legs and become a fish.

If you come close enough for me to fall into the depths,

I'll become a shadow, wandering the endless darkness.

Entrancingly drifting in the air, my shimmering haze,
I only remembered the days that weren't granted to us.

You're not here.

I know that. I know that.

Rising, rising, the sun
Purifies this place.
The seal carved in blue
Is stolen away by the warm, warm wind.

If these words ever reach you,
I'll take my living body and throw it away.

A present that has erased my vivid wounds -

Your warmth that steals everything -

I longed for them, I searched for them

Even though they're illusions.

Vanishing, vanishing, your warmth
Follows me to this place.
Your arms that could wipe away even punishment -
I want to sleep embracing them.

Rising, rising, the sun
Purifies this place.
Your arms that could wipe away even punishment -
I want to sleep embracing them.

Vanishing, vanishing, your warmth
Follows me to this place.
The seal carved in blue
Is stolen away by the warm, warm wind.

The splinters of memories are rotting away.
The piercings that fill me aren't enough.
I'm forgetting - it's blurring -
Your voice disappears in the noise.


They're rotting, they're shedding -
The piercings that fill me aren't enough.

Without leaving a trace - I'm forgetting -

Your voice is becoming noise.

right pic-Amano Tsukiko.
don't know why, i reaaaallly love her music. japan alternative rock.
ok ini 'Laghaa ' saja........
but..just when i need strength before study.hihi

psst: i miss u my Teddybear~Rumate~soulmate~MAK ku..


of my Sedentary lifestyle..

Assalamualaykum yea..

yeah i'm quiet tired nowadays -to update my cutey blog..

yet.. just nak share story that huu my co-curriculum has started. I WAs required to join Wataniah, even i've no interested to march-march-march-fooling under the sun.ok kidding.(sudah lebeh laa tu aena..)

thus , for the first activities we need to do the Ujian Asas pe ntah. Kena lah lari round track padang golf tu. Dah jogging pun jarang, then haha awal-awal sudah pancit lo.. Very2 sad.

                              muka jelik-sangat tak bermotivasi nak pergi ko-k pun..huhu

then, belum sempat tarik nafas semasa sampai kat starting point, hu kena Seat-up. I minute how much can you do??? me??hhaah belas-belas saja . tak termampu diriku ini..

then, lompat katak.haha dapatlah 1 point.

ok, itu saja. nothing special about this entry.. but yea, just a simple message from me, Don't make sedentary lifestyle as your routine. yet you will be 'pancit'/ exhausted,restless after doing any vigorous exercise in sudden. Your body will hard to adapt with this new moment.after that, you will feel such aches at your abdomen,calf and pelvic area.dahsyat tuh...haaa ingat tu k. rajin-rajin lah pergi exercise..!!


Regarding to my setting of my Facebook account is not fully brilliant-hehe ,my friend or anyone can't add me.wo,seems like private lak who intersted to add me as your Friends on Facebook, you can leave your email anywhere within comment in this blog,or in the chatbox and also can email me your official facebook account's email to
So that i can add your profile as your friend.(perigi cari timba.hahaa)

hopefully, ramai kawan-kawan perempuan yang baru dapat add saya~can share lots of stories and experience. Nice right..???

see again~
Salam Alaik..


:::::::Personality tYpE A::::::::::::

Glitter Words

Sejak para penyelidik mula mempelajari keperibadian Jenis A(Personality type A) lebih daripada 50 tahun yang lalu, it has become a household term. .
Kebanyakan orang sekarang tahu bahawa Type A karakteristik adalah dengan menjadi kompetitif dan obses dalam bekerja, dan boleh membawa kepada peningkatan risiko masalah kesihatan, tetapi sukar untuk mengetahui ciri-ciri konstitutif "Type A Behavior", atau secara tepatnya bagaimana sifat ini memberi kesan kesihatan dan kesejahteraan.

Artikel ini menjelaskan lebih banyakkk tentang "Personality Type A", bagaimana hal itu mempengaruhi individu tersebut , dan bagaimana menghadapi stres jika anda mempunyai "Type A Personality", atau jika anda bekerjasama dengan seseorang yang memiliki type A Personality .

 Characteristics as the hallmark characteristics of Type A Behavior (TAB):
  • Time Urgency and Impatience, as demonstrated by people who, among other things, get frustrated while waiting in line, interrupt others often, walk or talk at a rapid pace, and are always painfully aware of the time and how little of it they have to spare.
  • Free-Floating Hostility or Aggressiveness, which shows up as impatience, rudeness, being easily upset over small things, or ‘having a short fuse’, for example.
Additionally, Type A behavior often includes:
  • Competitiveness
  • Strong Achievement-Orientation
  • Certain Physical Characteristics That Result From Stress and Type A Behavior Over Years
Physical Characteristics:
The following physical characteristics often accompany TAB:

  • Facial Tension (Tight Lips, Clenched Jaw, Etc.)
  • Tongue Clicking or Teeth Grinding
  • Dark Circles Under Eyes
  • Facial Sweating (On Forehead or Upper Lip)
Negative Effects of Type A Behavior:
Over the years, the type of extra stress that most “Type A” people experience takes a toll on one’s health and lifestyle. The following are some of the negative effects that are common among those exhibiting TAB:
  • Hypertension: High blood pressure is common among “Type A” personalities, and has been to be as much as 84% more of a risk among those with Type A characteristics..
  • Heart Disease: Some experts predict that, for those exhibiting TAB, heart disease by age 65 is a virtual certainty.
  • Job Stress: “Type A” people usually find themselves in stressful, demanding jobs (and sometimes the jobs create the Type A behavior!), which lead to metabolic syndrome and other health problems.
  • Social Isolation: Those with TAB often alienate others, or spend too much time on work and focus too little on relationships, putting them at risk for social isolation and the increased stress that comes with it.

most researchers believe that Type A personality characteristics are more of a reaction to environmental factors, or tendencies toward certain behaviors, and are influenced by culture and job structure. For example,
  • Many jobs put heavy demands on time, making it necessary for workers to be very concerned with getting things done quickly if they’re to adequately get their jobs done.
  • Some workplaces put heavy penalties on mistakes, so efficiency and achievement becomes extremely important.
  • Other jobs just create more stress, making people less patient, more stressed, and more prone to 'Type A' behaviors.
  • Other people do have a natural tendency toward being more intense, but this tendency can be exacerbated by environmental stress, or mitigated by conscious effort and lifestyle changes (which I’ll discuss next).
hmmm nak tau whether you are the candidate for this personality??? just try this quiz.quiet long but so good,at least if you're susceptible to hve this personality, it's better to change any mode that is required.

contoh  your result : You appear to have many Type A personality traits, and could probably greatly benefit from the resources below. By working to eliminate some of the stress in your life and challenging some of your habitual patterns of thought and reaction to stress (see the resources below), you can really improve your overall stress level and may be able to significantly soften your Type A tendencies.

try lahhhhh....salam alaik... 


Ketentuan...yang dipunyai oleh seorang Pencinta

Tak semudah kau sangka
Melepaskan kau pergi
Hati yang meronta, hampa kecewa
ku tekad sembunyikannya dari pandanganmu

Ku rela begini
Berakhirnya di sini
Dari bersamamu terus berpura
Setelah cinta tiada lagi di hatimu...

Ku tahu betapa sukar untukku
Menempuh hidup
Walau sehari tanpamu
Ku terseksa..

Ku hapuskan airmata....
dari mengiringi
Kesengsaraan mengharung perpisahan ini...
Ku pujuk jiwa nestapa
Pendamkanlah duka
Pasrah pada lara ketentuan ini
Tak semudah kau rasa
Melepaskan kau pergi

Hati yang terluka dikunjung jua
Kerinduan yang tidak tertanggung terhadapmu............................

ok.ini lirik lagu saja. takde kena mengenalahhhhh.Ketentuan from Ramlah Ram
I luv the way she sing this song.. 

memetik kata-katanya..

....."Berdoa dan memohon pertolongan hanya kepada Allah .
Doa adalah senjata orang mukmin.
Berdoalah dengan bersungguh-sungguh, yakin dan kenalilah Allah ketika senang nescaya Allah akan mengenali kita ketika susah.
Berdoa dengan khusyuk dan jadikan berdoa para nabi sebagai panduan....."

bukan mine.ok tata..(peningnyaa ada program2 lah nanti tutt..huhuhh)


-HARI-HARI yang precious itu-


Seems long-long time hu baru boleh update my got no idea to share..

but yeah, still semangat nak upload gambar2 semasa Ekspo Kampus Usm hari tu.. emm i involved in HEALTHex- an exhibition,,, station was UROlogy,.. exactly we're presenting about diseases that related with Renal system,KIDNEY.hohoho..later i will update about those information.

Seni di Lantai..
beautiful ryte??

 oohh sebelum tuh,

 new scandal.haha. astaghaa..
Anne pelukan mu memang kuat.Dyspnoea i..hukhuk

the very sporting Pin pin and me..

oklah ini Sue yang datang menziarahi booth saya. comel kan..

Azi, same station member.
comel x kidney yang saya buat tuh...???hihi..

bakpo senyum gitu Azi..???hihi


demam kuning.

pose lagi yuk

rest sekejap kat besi tuh.hahaa.

nana pun join gak.eii cam budak je..

sejam before perasmian..

model-model dari booth Dentistry..
alat pengesan kedalaman..??? lupe daa..


kak ain pengunjung booth saya..dari kiri: kak aina,dari kanan,kak Asma

kreatifnya..even medical student..hua..

di booth Speech Pathology yang sangat cute props nya..


dalam Rumah Perokok~gerun-gerun.

ramai-ramai before selesainya

the perasmian of Healthex. Sangat canggiuh suasana pada saat tuh.

Autoshow..tengah panas lak tuh..then tetiba hujan petang tuh..Kesian nya..

madihah!!!! di dietetik station..
i have checked for my  waist-hip ratio..hehe got Pear shape..
confess. your booth sooo cute oooh..

kite kuat ketawa kat medley!!

dan akhir lah..tata!!


minal ai'din wal faizin...2...

.Assalamualaykum lahh....ape daaa...

Sihat kawan2?? Aena sihat-sihat aja. Hu,mm just nak upload gambo kat sini, gambo raya yang hari tu. Masih segar dalam ingatan ku walaupun dah berapa syawal dah sekarang..

Kalau rajin scroll down lah ke bawah..
 kalau tak, tak pe, Aena saje je upload, simpan buat kenang-kenangan...hiiii
jangn sakit hati yer muka saya banyak gak..haha


ohh tidakkk!!!!!

red hantu raya datang lagi...huhaaa...


 mak and me~...(ampun maap mak..)

~my ayah-ampun maaf jua dipinta..


buka penutup nampaklah lauk yang lazat itu~haahaaaa

diorang ne la yang makan lauk-lauk lazat tuh..hahaa 
macam ku tak makan lak..

-they are my cousins-

we are twins.-ohh twins umur sajaaa..
ini Diyana Maisurah~~

riang raya Aidilfitri snapshot~~

ok towards dapur. JOm cuci the pinggan mangkok.tolong jom.


~gambar 2 Syawal-di Sungai Petani Kedah. 
last2 pergi RFC gak.haaaahaaa
1st time tuu.. sedap gak laa..

si pashmina senget nak balik dahh.. tata Kedah..Selamat ari Rayer...


ini raya ke 6 kot tak silap saya..

my fanclub mai..

bukan lahh
They are my sis's, my X-seniors gak la..

ok sangat mengantuk pada saat tuh-tapi ketawa boleh jugaa.Raya babe

raya ke 8 

yeahhh baby lagi!!!! comelnya. 
nak seorang.opss nanti la kot.

family from Johor came..
i have 4 nieces.
comel2 semuaa...

nak tengok ape lagi??? Raya kat rumah dah settle..