love??? surprisingly here..


oohh...not related here..hehehe..

realize or not,
lately, often heard this question..

"how old are you,young lady??
=me??? i'm early of 20,.., definitely you have someone right?? when would you get married???
=sorry, i still young to think about that,there's lots of commitment~ "


“I need somebody to love,” sang the Beatles, and they got it right.

Love and health are intertwined in surprising ways. Humans are wired for connection, and when we cultivate good relationships, the rewards are immense. But we’re not necessarily talking about spine-tingling romance.
Most of the research in this area centers on marriage, but, believes many of the perks extend to other close relationships -- for example, with a partner, parent, or friend. The key is to “feel connected to other people, feel respected and valued by other people, and feel a sense of belonging,”

Here are 10 research-backed ways that love and health are linked:

1. Fewer Doctor’s Visits

The Health and Human Services Department reviewed a bounty of studies on marriage and health. One of the report’s most striking findings is that married people have fewer doctor’s visits and shorter average hospital stays.

Another theory is that people in good relationships take better care of themselves. A spouse may keep you honest in your oral hygiene. A best friend could motivate you to eat more whole grains. Over time, these good habits translate to fewer illnesses.

2. Less Depression & Substance Abuse

According to the Health and Human Services report, getting married and staying married reduces depression in both men and women. This finding is not surprising, because social isolation is clearly linked to higher rates of depression. What’s interesting is that marriage also contributes to a decline in heavy drinking and drug abuse, especially among young adults.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

A happy marriage is good for your blood pressure. That’s the conclusion of a study in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Researchers found happily married people had the best blood pressure, followed by singles. Unhappily married participants fared the worst.

4. Less Anxiety

Researchers at the State University of New York at Stony Brook used functional MRI (fMRI) scans to look at the brains of people in love. They compared passionate new couples with strongly connected long-term couples. Both groups showed activation in a part of the brain associated with intense love.(hahaaa)

“It’s the dopamine-reward area, the same area that responds to cocaine or winning a lot of money,” says Arthur Aron, PhD, one of the study’s authors. But ,,there were striking differences between the two groups in other parts of the brain. In long-term relationships, “you also have activation in the areas associated with bonding ... and less activation in the area that produces anxiety.” The study was presented at the 2008 conference of the Society for Neuroscience.

5. Natural Pain Control

The fMRI study reveals another big perk for long-term couples -- more activation in the part of the brain that keeps pain under control. A CDC report complements this finding. In a study of more than 127,000 adults, married people were less likely to complain of headaches and back pain.

A small study published in Psychological Science adds to the intrigue.

Researchers subjected 16 married women to the threat of an electric shock. When the women were holding their husband’s hand, they showed less response in the brain areas associated with stress. The happier the marriage, the greater the effect.

6. Better Stress Management

If love helps people cope with pain, what about other types of stress? Aron says there is evidence of a link between social support and stress management. “If you’re facing a stressor and you’ve got the support of someone who loves you, you can cope better,” he tells WebMD. If you lose your job, for example, it helps emotionally and financially if a partner is there to support you.

7. Fewer Colds

We’ve seen that loving relationships can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression -- a fact that may give the immune system a boost.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that people who exhibit positive emotions are less likely to get sick after exposure to cold or flu viruses. The study, published in Psychosomatic Medicine, compared people who were happy and calm with those who appeared anxious, hostile, or depressed.

8. Faster Healing

The power of a positive relationship may make flesh wounds heal faster. Researchers at Ohio State University Medical Center gave married couples blister wounds. The wounds healed nearly twice as fast in spouses who interacted warmly compared with those who demonstrated a lot of hostility toward each other. The study was published in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

9. Longer Life

A growing body of research indicates that married people live longer. One of the largest studies examines the effect of marriage on mortality during an eight-year period in the 1990s. Using data from the National Health Interview Survey, researchers found that people who had never been married were 58% more likely to die than married people.

----- marriage contributes to longer life mostly through “mutual practical support, financial benefits, and children who provide support.”

10. Happier Life

It may seem obvious that one of love’s greatest benefits is joy. But research is just beginning to reveal how strong this link can be. A study in the Journal of Family Psychology shows happiness depends more on the quality of family relationships than on the level of income. And so we have scientific evidence that, at least in some ways, the power of love trumps the power of money.


yea i told you..really, if a person really in love, their spirit and courage memang lain sikit lah dari biasa.kalau study, stimulation memang zoom up la~ketepikan soal sakit hati ,gaduh,jealous-all are messy things in certain relationship.. but actually, feel of honesty kt your partner is the most unforgettable..(cess!!! talking from not pure experience)

thus, whoever that already have their love one-your wife,hubby,ke bakal2 ke, take care of him/her dengan baik ok~~~



minal a'idin wal faizin...1

Salam aidilfitri 1430 H..

kepada semua muslimin muslimat yang telah pun berjaya menempuh satu bulan yang penuh dugaan dan barakah...
tahniah diucapkan..


tak lupa posing meh...heheh walaupun tak cantik, ini adalah kenang-kenangan yang ada..

pengenalan.ini ruang tamu.

the ReD Kebaya........................

hihi senyum kambing..bekk bekk di pagi raya.,.

sedang membelek anak milik sepupu ku.. Farha kot x silap namanya..hihiii

mak dia doktor tuhh..bukan senang mau jadi doc..huhu~~

comelnya saya!!!-the child said.

tengok lah kameraaa...aiyooo..


last sekali..aksi tak senonoh..ooopsss..

mana de kan kan???

saje syok-syok sambil menunggu para tetamu sekalian..

hu~nanti saya update versi lain yukk!!!..


(17 sept)Birthday + eid mubarak + went back Home = lots of Happy...

Getting Older Birthday

It’s birthday time again I see;

Another year's gone by.

I am older than I used to be;

The thought could make me cry.

For getting older is not such fun,

When there’s hurting in my back,

And it’s agony if i have to run,

And a pleasure to lie in the sack.

Yes getting older is quite a bore,

But to not get old is worse.

So "Happy Birthday Aena!!!

let’s shout once more,

And to heck with our ride in the hearse!

( originally By Karl Fuchs)

**Alhamdulillah with lots of Love i dedicate to Lord, ALLAH swt for giving me chances to live in this world..
perhaps, will be better slave yea..

terima kasih to my beloved parents Haji Bashah Mahmud + Madam Noor Mala Shahar yang dah melahirkan,membesarkan saya dan memberikan segalanya yang saya perlukan sebagai seorang anak,

to all my siblings-especially kak Aya who always treat me just like her 'daughter'.hahahaha
my teachers over the world since first time i 've going through in educational process~

to all my friends over the world jugaaa..... thanks for giving me supports and love to live to be in such wonderful amiable~

and to anyone who ever know me..

best regards,



Girls..please be sensitive with your WASTE product::


it has been so long,not posting anything.. yea, today, just nak voice out laa about hygiene yang sepatutnya manusia umur 15 tahun ke atas memang dah fasih....sangat...

waste product that i mentioned above is: Sanitary Pad.huh yea.panti liner pun include gak.

*eventhough secantik perempuan ni pun, dia kena tahu gak.hua

OPPPss!!!..maybe lelaki tak mau continue baca, but,.... remind you, everyone should know what should a normal person do in terms of taking care of their hygiene. (Nanti dah kahwin, boleh tegur isteri,anak-anak, be concern about this)-sebut perkataan "kahwin", segar sikit.hehe

hu yea, i make this as a story lah.mood membaca kena bersemangat sikit!(harap-harap tak ada yang muntah semasa baca entry neh. be positive k!! )

Sudah hampir sebulan rasanya ada satu "sanitary pad" or tuala wanita yang ditinggalkan lama di sebuah shower kat hostel sini. yea i know and all realize, even this showerroom really very pity+terrible condition, but still we need to appreciate lah with the accomodation.. hostel..huh (so, no complain2 aaa..)

But, then why, this 'girl' -i don't know who was she-muslim or nonmuslim-maybe she's not sensitive with the core bahawasanya, toile
t or shower room adalah milik ramaaiiiiiiiiiiii orang.. so, why u left that "thing" there..

Dah sebulan kan, of course, very-very bad smell from "it" spread fasten in the shower room. huh. this time memang tak tahan. mak cik cleaner tak perasan benda tu sebab dia tersorok kat bahagian atas antara pembahagi 2 bilik shower. so bau yang 'harum' tu memang kena atas kepala lah. jika anda, boleh tahankah??? others???

Ntah nape, that night, suddenly got courage, to throw the 'pad' into the dustbin..slowly.. then, hu MASYA ALLAH>.bau dia memang dahsyat laa...
Vomit for a minute there. huh. Nobody,its ok.

actually, im not telling you that, ya, saya orang yang cuba nak buang benda tu, tapi ....
sedih laaa... kalau benda tu awal-awal lagi dah buang, mesti tak seb
usuk gitu ..huhuuuuuu..

kenapa lah courage datang lambat sangat., maybe
saya tak sensitif tentang hygiene orang lain..

sedih, nama saja student kampus kesihatan, tapi tak jaga benda-benda sihat pun..

********** tutup kes *******

saya ada terbaca tentang satu artikel ni. mungkin boleh membantu dan membimbing sikit lah.(tak sikit,banyak sebenarnya,,) so.......

jom baca tentang Pendidikan Seks Anak Muslim :

Penjagaan Waktu Haid Anak Gadis

".....Jangan andaikan anak perempuan yang sudah baligh akan tahu sendiri semua perkara. Dalam menjalani tempoh haid,dia perlu dibimbing,(maybe yang kes tadi, tak dapat bimbingan kot.) ,termasuk menjaga kebersihan diri semasa menggunakan tua la wanita. Penjagaan waktu haid ini merangkumi:

* Jangan sepahkan tuala wanita dan plastik pembungkus yang berkaitan merata-rata, dan jangan sekali-kali membuangnya di dalam lubang tandas.

* Basuh tuala wanita sebelum dibungkus untuk dibuang dalam tong sampah.(kan ada sanitary bin.khas untuk membuangnya.Biasanya terdapat di semua tandas,nowadays.)

* Seluar dalam yang terkena darah hendaklah dicuci dengan syampu atau sabun membasuh dan rendamkan dalam baldi yang berwarna gelap.

* Jangan sesekali biarkan anak menyuruh kita membasuh pakaian peribadinya.(bukan nak aniaya mereka.tetapi sebagai langkah pengajaran dari awal.)
Suruh dia menyidai pakaian dalam tersorok dari pandangan umum. (lindungkan dengan kain,example) .Sebaiknya sidai di bawah pakaian nipis. Ini mengelakkan lelaki yang di dalam hatinya ada penyakit daripada terangsang nafsu seksnya melihat pakaian dalam itu.

* Tuala wanita juga perlu diganti selalu untuk mengelakkan kegatalan dan bau busuk (hamis) pada badan. Ketika ini elakkan makanan yang hanyir seperti ikan masin, pekasam atau lauk-lauk jeruk. Sepanjang haid, amalkan doa, ".....Segala puji bagi Allah di atas tiap-tiap kurnia dan nikmat dan aku meminta ampun kepada Allah daripada tiap-tiap dosa supaya terlindung dari sebarang keburukan dan kita tetap beroleh keberkatan walaupun dalam keadaan hadas..."

* Jaga tempat tidur atau tempat kita duduk supaya tidak meninggalkan kesan darah. (lapik atau alaskan tempat tidur,atas cadar dengan kain yang tebal,example)

* Sebaiknya sepanjang tempoh ini pakailah pakaian berwarna gelap. (tak semestinya warna hitam, kang ada yang cakap saya ajar diorang jadi gothic lakk..hehehe)

dan lagi...cara mandi hadas- secara dasarnya.

  • Perlu ajarkan anak-anak cara mandi hadas yang betul. Sebelum mandi cuci faraj dengan bersih, setelah itu dalam keadaan bertinggung niatkan mandi hadas besar.

  • Ratakan air ke seluruh badan termasuk bahagian pelipat, celah kuku, lubang hidung, celah-celah paha dan kaki. Gosok hingga rata. Kemudian barulah berwuduk dan solat.

  • Solat haram ditinggalkan dalam usia sudah baligh. Ajar mereka catat di kalendar tarikh kedatangan haid hingga tamat tempoh.

  • Catatan ini sangat penting untuk memastikan jadual haid betul kerana dalam usia ini remaja kerap mengalami perubahan tarikh haid. Ada yang terlalu cepat sehingga menyebabkan istihadah. Ini disebabkan oleh keaktifan atau stres mereka di sekolah atau pemakanan yang diambil.

  • Dampingi mereka dan terangkan bahawa mereka perlu menukar tuala wanita baru setiap kali hendak bersolat.

  • Dapatkan nasihat doktor berkaitan makanan tambahan (supplement) yang sesuai untuk mengembalikan kecergasan badan mereka.
------(me,myself prefer traditional/complementary medicine,example Jamu perawatan Remaja Putri,Indonesia. Don't worry, this is not an illegal medicine, because they actually got approval from Ministry of Health. buktinya: ada perkataan "MAL 19988834 T". Jamu ni makan ikut turn hari. So, memang agak leceh, tapi kalau dah konsisten, haid pun teratur, senggugut kurang, and badan pun tak lah lesu sangat bila period...Nama pun perempuan, memang sistem reproduktif kita lebih aktif and complicated then men. Perlulah concern lebih sikit..

Anyway, thanks to my family, they always support me if i was in pain or unwell that related to menstruation...only GOD knows how does it is feel.opss,tak mau cakap lebih, nanti ada orang kata,saya lebih2 pulak."perempuan melayu kena sopann" )

sumber: (Koleksi ANIS)
Galeri Ilmu SB

"....rasanya, realiti kita tak perlu malu untuk berkongsi pendapat dan pengalaman yang berkaitan dengan penjagaan kebersihan macam ni sebab apa yang penting, ia akan memberi kesan dan impak yang ketara terhadap kesihatan kita semua..."

Take good care of Your health friends!!

Selamat beribadah puasa...


big girl..don't cry,,

time : around 2.45 pm

date : 6 september 2009

place : murni's stairs

event : fell from the stairs. and eventually, my leg (left ankle) got swelling,sprain,painful.

first medication : mestika oil.

later progression : about to cry..cry..cry...(sakit wooo!!!)

2nd action : went to A&E, emergency room HUSM for being checkup by the doctor, Radiograph, and last, took medication from pharmacy.huh!!

the most funniest thing is when the person in charge on taking my registration, he thought i am the staff of HUSM because i bring along my matrix card, then i told him, i am a student here. but he mentioned that i am a nursing student in my biodata. haha..just keep silent because i hope, they won't know my real position.yeah!!

Aena kuat..
ala terseliuh sikit je sayang..
"walaupun tidak ada insan yang memujuk.. i must be ok.."
yeah!! aena kuat!! GOD is anywhere for me!!

tata..nak berehat..
next week,before my birthday, i'll go back to my hometown..
i hope, that time,i'll be ok..

but before that, just for sharing..a video on how solat can be performed when we're unwell,physically~
can have a look..mana tau,kot2 'turn' kita kah..hihiii..

ok lah.