A waRm LOVE to Stylish Muslimah..

while i was doing my 'blogwalking' just now, then i saw a blog's link which seems so familiar,.
and the entry shown my pic.
ouhh,what is it??
then i knew that "Stylish Muslimah" made a review about my outfits..
waa.. i'm Very happy.. because i love the blog so much..
ada macam2 input pasal fesyen muslimah,. apa yang boleh dipakai,sesuai atau tidak menurut syarak..
but yea, some of my pic doesn't look good..
so i need you, my friends to give your own comment regarding the outfits.. or if you're interested wanna know more about fashion for muslimah throughout the world, you can read about them also.

feel free to visit this Blog yea !!

note : alhamdulillah, doc said 'things' will be better soon...