Gaulish lyrics of My most fav Song-Omnos

Hear the song first. then read all of my comments.ahaks.

Immi daga uimpi geneta,
lana beððos et' iouintutos.
Blatus ceti, cantla carami.
Aia gnata uimpi iouinca,
pid in cete tu toue suoine,
pid uregisi peli doniobi?
Aia gnata uimpi iouinca,
pid in cete tu toue suoine
Aia mape coime, adrete!
In blatugabagli uorete,
cante snon celiIui in cete!

Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti [x2]

N'immi mapos, immi drucocu.
In cetobi selgin agumi,
selgin blatos tou' iouintutos.
Nu, uoregon, cu, uorigamos,
lamman, cu, suuercin lingamos,
indui uelui cantla canamos!
N'immi mapos, immi drucocu.
In cetobi selgin agumi,
Ne moi iantus gnaton uorega,
iantus drucocunos uoregon,
cante toi in medie cete.
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti [x2]

Cu allate, papon sod urege,
eððiIo de iantu in cridie.
VediIumi: cante moi uosta!

Ne, a gnata, cante t' usstami,
ne uostami, ne te carami.
Ne carami, nec carasumi.

Boua daga uimpi geneta.
Immi trouga, lana nariIas.

Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti.
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti.

 So, what would be your opinion ???
sedaapp ooh..even tak paham but the melody was intuned nicely.
the song is basically a Gaulish version of Red Riding hood. but typically from dark side. like a synopsis,emm they're trying to tell about a virtous girl who was in the forest and a wolf comes along and rapes her, and she merely wants him to stay, but he claims he never loved her. then she's broken hearted. the classic version of little red riding hood, but much darker and serious, not the sweet version of kids.
Gaulish (also Gallic) language is the Celtic language that was spoken in Gaul (Cisalpine and Transalpine), Switzerland, eastern Belgium, Luxembourg and western Germany before being supplanted by Vulgar Latin, Dutch and German from around the 4th century A.D onwards.

-with english translation-
Girl: I am a fair, pretty girl, full of virtue and youthfulness. The forest's flowers and songs I love.

 Wolf:   Hey, pretty young girl, what are you doing in the forest alone, so far from all beings?
  Girl:      Hey, handsome boy, come here! Let us pick some flowers in this forest together!
  Wolf:    I am not a boy, I am the bad wolf. In the woods I hunt, hunt for the flower of your youth.
  Girl:       Well, wolf, let us play a game, let us dance a joyful dance, let us sing decent songs!
  Wolf:    I don't like children's games, I like playing sinister wolf games in the depths of the forest, with you.
  Girl:     Wild wolf, do whatever your heart longs for, but I beg you: Stay with me!
 Wolf:   No, girl, I will not abide with you, I'm not staying with you and don't love you. Never loved you.
  Girl:   I was a fair and pretty girl. Now I'm poor and overcome with shame. Now only the deep pond awaits me.

note : moral of the lyrcs, don't ever put 100% trust to any people,1st time u knw him/her. Bukan nak syak wasangka tapi berhati-hati sikit. especially perempuan/wanita yang sorang2 balik kampung naik bas/keretapi. Take care of urself !!