ouch!! i was too spice.??

{the mood is not stable yet..}
physically exhausted like overriding of the aorta.and started to create the virgin shunt from Right to Left, until deoxygenated blood enters this systemic circulation and huh, i pray, no right ventricle hypertrophy accompanies me this time. Please.really please.also don't stenose my pulmonary then.of course.

hye, you make me like i'm facing a case of tetralogy of Fallot. You know who am i before. Uhh, nope. You don't even know.
hey, My chemoTrigger Zone always stimulated because of you.. neither i need those impulses. While you're walking passes by like an innocent environmental trigger like the Serotonin.
what a deal!! you stimulate them. i did the reflex. always and always. till gone to be fatigue.~~`you're haPPy then???
i'm nauseated!
 yOu cursed me, like i am in cyanotic state.,.as i'm in hypoxemic mental status.
why..??when i saw you.. this feeling sympathetically approaching me high..??? High of the heart rate, constricting all my peripheral vessels, yet Me about to heavy sWeat~

ok, all of dilatation memories & thought, preferrably i will keep. till a time.

spice of Thai's Tomyam is amazing~
should be in the list of food on My kenduri (if possible onE day laa).hahah
say bye-bye to the upcoming gastric carcinoma.huh!
Cannot really understand my speak, ouh,it's ok. this gonna be in flush soon.

oh halo!!  i never use 'anonymous ' to all comments or messages i've made. if i seems hurt ur feel,i apologize. But if u wanna put me out of ur 'cyberspace' world, u r welcome..we shall do it fairly~

eh hai! nak tau..Aena won the Shawl Contest yg gamba gothic gila tu..haha kalau ada sesiapa yang perasan lah i upload that pic here. and tHanks sangat-sangat pada sesiapa yg ada vote saya! Sayang gilalah pada kamu....and thanks to CikSeriOnline too for organizing this.....
Bukti di sini yea..

(click for a large view)
kategori kreatif : 1) jannah usm.(hehe jannah tu my name lah..formal dlm birth certificate)

lastly, Aena mintak maaf if ada buat kesalahan or tersalah ckp pada sesiapa dari dulu sampailah ke  detik ini. Hope can perform better this time.
See ya!

A senyuman berbaur Sinis untuk kamu~

Look wise, say nothing, and grunt. 

Speech was given to conceal thought.

~Sir William Osler