of my Sedentary lifestyle..

Assalamualaykum yea..

yeah i'm quiet tired nowadays -to update my cutey blog..

yet.. just nak share story that huu my co-curriculum has started. I WAs required to join Wataniah, even i've no interested to march-march-march-fooling under the sun.ok kidding.(sudah lebeh laa tu aena..)

thus , for the first activities we need to do the Ujian Asas pe ntah. Kena lah lari round track padang golf tu. Dah jogging pun jarang, then haha awal-awal sudah pancit lo.. Very2 sad.

                              muka jelik-sangat tak bermotivasi nak pergi ko-k pun..huhu

then, belum sempat tarik nafas semasa sampai kat starting point, hu kena Seat-up. I minute how much can you do??? me??hhaah belas-belas saja . tak termampu diriku ini..

then, lompat katak.haha dapatlah 1 point.

ok, itu saja. nothing special about this entry.. but yea, just a simple message from me, Don't make sedentary lifestyle as your routine. yet you will be 'pancit'/ exhausted,restless after doing any vigorous exercise in sudden. Your body will hard to adapt with this new moment.after that, you will feel such aches at your abdomen,calf and pelvic area.dahsyat tuh...haaa ingat tu k. rajin-rajin lah pergi exercise..!!


Regarding to my setting of my Facebook account is not fully brilliant-hehe ,my friend or anyone can't add me.wo,seems like private lak who intersted to add me as your Friends on Facebook, you can leave your email anywhere within comment in this blog,or in the chatbox and also can email me your official facebook account's email to
So that i can add your profile as your friend.(perigi cari timba.hahaa)

hopefully, ramai kawan-kawan perempuan yang baru dapat add saya~can share lots of stories and experience. Nice right..???

see again~
Salam Alaik..