big girl..don't cry,,

time : around 2.45 pm

date : 6 september 2009

place : murni's stairs

event : fell from the stairs. and eventually, my leg (left ankle) got swelling,sprain,painful.

first medication : mestika oil.

later progression : about to cry..cry..cry...(sakit wooo!!!)

2nd action : went to A&E, emergency room HUSM for being checkup by the doctor, Radiograph, and last, took medication from pharmacy.huh!!

the most funniest thing is when the person in charge on taking my registration, he thought i am the staff of HUSM because i bring along my matrix card, then i told him, i am a student here. but he mentioned that i am a nursing student in my biodata. haha..just keep silent because i hope, they won't know my real position.yeah!!

Aena kuat..
ala terseliuh sikit je sayang..
"walaupun tidak ada insan yang memujuk.. i must be ok.."
yeah!! aena kuat!! GOD is anywhere for me!!

tata..nak berehat..
next week,before my birthday, i'll go back to my hometown..
i hope, that time,i'll be ok..

but before that, just for sharing..a video on how solat can be performed when we're unwell,physically~
can have a look..mana tau,kot2 'turn' kita kah..hihiii..

ok lah.