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Strong Women
by Andrea R M Fletcher

Look at them, they are so strong
Look at them, they are so fine
Strong women, taking on many tasks
Strong women, building their empire
Setting the stage for their legacy
Setting the bar for persistency
Doing it all the right way
Doing what they enjoy and love
Strong women, made of steel and substance
Strong women, the ones people say
They can be just like them
They can do what they do
Look how far they have come
No one looks at them and encourages them
Yet, they manage to have successes in their lives
And monies to afford their own island
Strong women that people admire how far they have come
And where they are now
Yes, the once poor girls, from poor families
Whose families could not afford shoes and sometimes food
Have plenty of that, love, and respect too
Because they built their empire on strong foundations
With honesty and hard work, they are strong women.

To all USM KK students and citizen, here, a great event is made to fill up our knowledge basically anything about women, eve...
May all of you come to support this program as a chance to show our thankful to God, who has created the 'women'....

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