poems by Children with cancer-translation from Serbian Language to English


flowers that spread their petals,
as in spring when everything blooms,
and nature changes colours.
Love is a golden hug that in the heart
covers all hatred and shrewdness.

(Samra Kujovic, 12 years)


I hate needles, I hate needles,
I hate nurses that hurt me.
I love to daydream
but most of all to be at home.
(Fatima Bajrami, 10 years)

Love Beautiful, Warm and Rich

The love of my parents is:
beautiful like spring,
warm like summer,
rich like autumn,
white like winter!

During my sickness
it became:
more beautiful,
warmer, richer
and stronger!

They give me much hope,
love and care,
and that gives me strength
to live and to share.

When I get better
I will give them love
beautiful like spring,
warm like summer, rich like autumn
and white like winter!
(Dragana Licina, 12 years)


those poems taken from "Give me your hand dear friend Poems by children with cancer".

*The booklets contain a number of poems written by the children of the Paediatric oncology department of the Institute of Oncology and Radiotherapy of Serbia in Belgrade.

*As each poem is translated into English it is also understandable for the reader not capable of the Serbian language.

*It is the intention of the editors to include even more poems into a new edition, poems from all over the world written by children on different cancer wards
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