Jom Kenal2 dgn Nuruddin Farah

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Now, i wanna share brief introduction about a well-know writer& a Somalist novelist... Just to enhance our general information,eventhough i know anyone of you would never heard this name~haaaaah
  • Somali novelist, writing in English and Somali. Farah has ofted dealt the history of his country throught the fates of his characters.
  • The central theme in his work is the women's liberation in postcolonial Somaliland, which he sees as a precondition for political and individual freedom.
  • The majority of his essays, novels, short stories, plays, and film scripts are written in English, but he has also translated children's stories from Arabic, Italian, French, and English into Somali.
  • In 1998 Farah won the prestigious Neustadt International Prize for Literature. He was nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature several times. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa, where he writes more than 10 hours a day
  • Nuruddin Farah was born in Baidoa, a city in Italian Somaliland, which was at the time under British control.
  • His father worked as a translator for the British. Soon after Nuruddin's birth he was transferred to work for the governor in the Ogaden (the Ethiopian West).
  • In 1948 the British restored the Ogaden to Ethiopian rule, and a year later the recently formed United Nations returned the south to Italy.
  • Farah received his primary education at schools in Kallafo, Ogden. He spoke English, Arabic, and Amharic, the official Ethiopian language.
  • Asked who inspired him to become a writer, Farah mentioned Ismail Buubaa, the current foreign minister of the TFG and the late Adan Jama Bihi. The latter offered to edit Farah’s first book.
  • The Selected of his works:
  • A NAKED NEEDLE, 1976
  • SWEET AND SOUR MILK, 1980 (Variations on the Theme of an African Dictatorship)
  • SARDINES, 1981 (Variations on the Theme of an African Dictatorship)
  • CLOSE SESAME, 1983 (Variations on the Theme of an African Dictatorship)
  • MAPS, 1986 (Blood in the Sun) - Karttoja (trans. by Marja Haapio)
  • SECRETS, 1998 (Blood in the Sun) - Perhesalaisuuksia (trans. by Seppo Loponen)
  • GIFTS, 1999 (Blood in the Sun) - Elämisen lahja (trans. by Kimmo Rentola)
  • KNOTS, 2007
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